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  • Stack Group has expanded newest All-flash arrays in cloud storage

Stack Group has expanded newest All-flash arrays in cloud storage

27 july 2016

As part of technological leadership strategy implementation, Stack Group has expanded the capacity of its storage systems by commissioning newest arrays HP 3PAR StoreServ 8450, which are among the best for application in environments where virtualization is used.

All-flash systems are distinct in high productivity; the number of input-output operations per second may exceed 1 million with time-out less than 1 millisecond.

These arrays allow Stack Group to use flexible mechanisms of remote replicating at their geographically distributed sites, which if necessary ensure almost instant recovery of systems operation ability in case of fault. All-flash includes all necessary technologies to ensure reliability and high availability and allows to respond in a flexible and operative manner to unforeseen and changing client demands.

Arrays of such class give the opportunity to reduce expenses for placement of data on SSD-drives by means of technologies of compaction and compression.

Stack Group is oriented at implementation of the most advanced technologies and equipment, which allows to be among the leading companies in the market. Today, Storage-as-a-Service is one of the most highly sought cloud services, moreover, in the short run, due to acceptance of "Yarkovaya law", we can see a quickly growing demand for cloud storages in case if operators prefer to receive the services from specialised companies instead of building and maintenance of own storage infrastructure. The main requirement of consumers for such storages is a relatively low cost of resources with large capacity, and in a number of cases, relatively immediate access to data. Today, we have a full range of up-to-date data storage systems and are ready to rapidly respond to the market needs increasing their capacity and operating speed", commented Dmitry Solovyev, Technical Director of Stack Group.

A distinctive feature of Stack Group is a capability to combine the expanded array into a federation with other storage systems, thus providing the ability to seamlessly load balancing between arrays.