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  • Post Bank placed IT infrastructure in M1 data centre

Post Bank placed IT infrastructure in M1 data centre

7 november 2016

PJSC Post Bank placed its IT infrastructure in M1 data centre of Stack Telecom. All operations on placement of server equipment including connection and adjustment were performed in the shortest terms and without suspension in services provision to the clients.

"The branch network of Post Bank is one of the largest in the country, the quality and speed of clients servicing depends on their work. To provide banking services even in the remote points of Russia, all information systems of the bank should work without fail. M1 data centre completely complies with our requirements for reliability and safety level", noted Andrey Frolov, Vice-President and IT Director of Post Bank.

Today, M1 data centre is actually a hub for financial organisations, which allows exchanging information as quick as possible using cross-connect. We ensure uninterruptible operation of all engineering systems, the required level of availability and information safety, which is the priority for banks and financial organisations. Highly reliable infrastructure is the basis for information systems which is given much attention especially by such major organisations as Post Bank", commented Alexey Danilyants, General Director of Stack Group.

Availability level of M1 data processing centre is at least 99.982%, which is confirmed by Tier III certificate. M1 provides for backup of all engineering components and critical parts including methods of electric power supply and cooling agent supply routes. Many Russian and foreign companies use M1 to place main and standby IT systems. Today M1 means not only colocation services but also the whole range of cloud services based on own virtual data centre of corporate class.