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  • Stack Group and Virtuozzo Have Entered Into a Strategic Partnership

Stack Group and Virtuozzo Have Entered Into a Strategic Partnership

30 september 2020

Stack Group, a provider of the full range of enterprise-level cloud services and Virtuozzo, which provides software solutions for virtualization, data storage and systems for managing cloud services, have entered into a strategic partnership.

This partnership enables Stack Group to offer an innovative solution based on its highly-reliable M1Cloud solution, leveraging Virtuozzo’s best-in-class technology.

“We are attentive to our client’s needs, so we are constantly expanding the range of services we offer, which are not only convenient to use, but also meet a high level of reliability and performance, required in the corporate segment, at a highly attractive price point.

Our company is focused on reliability, so our partners include only the largest vendors and software companies, including HPE, VMware, and now Virtuozzo - one of the largest developers of OpenStack products that are trusted by users around the world.

Virtuozzo software products will allow us to offer a qualitatively new service for large and medium - sized businesses," commented Alexey Danilyants, CEO, Stack Group.

Alex Fine, CEO, Virtuozzo explains, "This new partnership between Stack Group and Virtuozzo will allow businesses to gain broad access to virtualization services and all the benefits of the OpenStack ecosystem, KVM and software-defined storage. Stack Group is a successful and stable partner focusing on the commercial market segment, offering a highly reliable cloud offering with M1Cloud across a variety of industry verticals.

Customers will have access to virtualization services based on Virtuozzo’s Hybrid Infrastructure solution with additional capabilities for self-deployment of Load balancer as a service, network components, Kubernetes clusters, and will be able to receive superior support via Stack Group’s technical 24x7 hotline.”