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  • Stack Group: Hub of International IT Services for the Russian Business

Stack Group: Hub of International IT Services for the Russian Business

22 september 2016

Stack Group has provided a model of IT infrastructure consumption from the point of globalisation of companies' business processes and scaling to other world regions within the III Annual Conference “IT for Financial Institutions” (organiser IC Energy Ltd.).

"Requests of our customers for international resources motivated us to look in the direction of globalisation of our services. Today we can efface the boundaries providing physical and virtual infrastructure for companies which want to get access to international markets", began his presentation Vladimir Lebedev, Business Development Director of Stack Group.

Today, data centre is not only a place of information systems location, but actually is a point of presence of both consumers and service providers, so cross-connect between them and transforming this cross-connect into added value is an undeniable advantage of the company. "For financial organisations, it is important to be present at data centres where international exchanges locate, i. e. American, European and Asian data centres and data processing centres", gave an example Vladimir Lebedev.

In present-day world, it is important for the customer to consume IT services worldwide from one point. In the interests of the Russian business, Stack Group can provide IT services in more than 20 countries of the world using the network of Equinix data centres, under the marketplace principle, which combines capabilities of multiple foreign financial services and global service providers. Stack Group can provide an instant access to them due to automatized platform Equinix Cloud Exchange and connection via fast channels to Equinix infrastructure.

Such modern is relevant not only for infrastructure transfer abroad, but also for return of companies' infrastructure vice versa to the territory of the Russian Federation to implement the law on localisation of personal data in Russia. In conclusion, Vladimir Lebedev said that in the conditions of crisis, Stack Group being a Russian service provider benefits in comparison with foreign providers: due to the difference in currency rates, the cost of services for international companies in Russia decreased by 2-3. "Moreover speaking about technologies, we are not inferior to the global players of cloud market building our infrastructure on the basis of equipment and software products of world leaders: HP, NetApp, VMWare", added Vladimir.